Molds & Castings of all sizes

We designed a created the moldings surrounding this beautiful architectural delight, located in Chicago.

The entrance is 35' high the door stands 11 feet tall.

Many of our customers have searched world wide for accurately sized, and well oiled and designed replacement parts for their classic vehicle.  The mold pictured to the right was designed, (with perfect precision), for a Model A overhead Valve.

This is the building of the picture on your left.

This table top is 4ft in across
As you can see, we design unique, top quality products.  The table top on the left measures a full four feet in diameter.   A truly detailed and fine production, created by EMPIRE MOTORS INC.

Specializing in Wax. Plaster Molded and Dry Sand Quality Castings, Complete Tooling Support, Castings and 100% Machining Capability, Chrome Plating, OEM & Custom Mfg. Motor Blocks, T. L. F-Head, Single, Twin and Triple OHV & Flat Heads, V4-V16, Water Pipes, Exhaust Manifold, Single, Double and Triple Chamber, Water Pumps, Transmission Castings, Differentials, Hubs With Logos. Brake Drums, Tall Light Brackets L & RH, Grills, Gearboxes, Steering Wheels, Specialty Castings, Tuned Intake Manifolds, Supercharges. Alloys: Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass/Bronze and Zinc.

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