CUSTOM CASTINGS FOR Classic Automobiles

This is a Super 8 Victoria 1937 Packard, 1 of 12 left. We totally manufactured in '97, and are now making an Exhaust Manifold for it.


Opulent Newport/Deco era ... was a narrow window ... the times of Elegant Motor Cars AUBURN, BUGATTI, CADILLAC, CHRYSLER, CORD, DELAHAYE, DUESENBERG, MERCEDES, MARMON, PACKARD, PIERCE-ARROW... ROLLS-ROYCE ...tailored for the few.

It was a day of One-off Custom Body's; hand-striped cane work, quartered Circassian walnut and natural hides, Eight, Twelve, Sixteen-Cylinder.   Stainless steel chrome and solid brass castings ... all per your request.

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